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The Artists,
Hilton London Syon Park


Three art collectives, Troika, United Visual Artists and Studio Roso, were commissioned to create site-specific installations for Hilton London Syon Park.

Inspired by the unique setting of the hotel, each artist was challenged to find their own language to "bring nature indoors". The artists’ approaches were equally intriguing, both in the materials they chose and their interpretation of the brief. The completed artworks were integrated into the architecture of the building, each piece highlighting the beauty of nature in its most complex forms. The installations are curated by Artwise Curators.


Playing with the symbolic meaning of the tree, Troika have imagined what a tree would look like, if instead of losing its leaves in the winter months, its trunk, branches and twigs disappeared and were 'erased', leaving behind what is traditionally the most fleeting part of the tree, the leaves.


Inspired by Greek and Roman relief wall sculptures, UVA's contemporary version tells a new type of story.

Traditional reliefs tell a story in narrative scenes that move (in time) from left to right - similarly UVA's wall presents a timeline: but rather than a narrative one, their installation shows a conceptual evolutionary timeline of an invented 'digital plant'. The 'background' or template for this digital growth is the actual terrain around Syon Park

Studio Roso

Eden takes its inspiration from the historic scenic parklands surrounding the hotel, and the natural light that filters through leaves on a sunny summer day - creating a play of shadows and reflections.

Physically, the shape of the installation is much like a firework or a popping champagne cork, exploding from a central point on the back wall and radiating out into the courtyard space.